Our Approach

The Learner, The Learned & The Learning....


Life comes full circle through learning. And through learning, we are actually, born anew, again and again. Learning is a never ending process of existence. This principle applies to the students, teachers and management of RMK Patashaala.

The methods of instruction are designed to stimulate the innate abilities of a child and provide the right challenge to bring out the best in each child. Students acquire skills and knowledge through observation and application.

Children are given a wide exposure to the various aspects of our Indian culture. Appreciation of the vast literary, artistic and scientific heritage of India, explanations of customs & traditions and cultural motivation through hobbies & projects, help our children to be sensitive and rooted in our culture and value system.

Physical Development
This implies good health and proper growth of children leading to the optimum development of their overall personality.

Safe Environment
A comfortable environment, personal attention of the teachers, maintains the emotional equilibrium of children at campus.